Fuck My Shirt

Fuck My Shirt is a tee shirt label created by Marius Jopen (AKA farbenbaden), Marius is a gifted designer as you can see. But who can be better than Marius to introduce Fuck My Shirt ? It’s time for the interview:

Rawtee: Hello Marius, could you introduce you & your label “Fuck My Shirt”  ?

Marius Jopen: I am a graphic designer and I am currently working in Zurich in Switzerland. I will continue my studies in September in London or Amsterdam. Probably Amsterdam. I do t-shirts for many years and founded fuckmyshirt in 2008. I chose the name fuckmyshirt for several reasons. It sounds great. It stays in mind. And it is a good topic for illustrations. I can do lots of experiments.

R: Where do you find inspiration ?

MJ: Nearly everywhere. Really. This word is so full of stuff. Advertisements, fashion, people passing by, the internet. I cannot even count… If I have an idea I ty to keep it in my mind and work with it.

R: You also created a second label “fiftylines tee shirt”, are you a tee shirt freak ? please tell us more about fiftylines

MJ: Actually I am not the typical t-shirt freak. I do not spend money for thousands of t-shirts. I spend my money for good food instead. I founded fiftylines with a friend of mine one and a half year ago. We produced a lot of t-shirts. But ony two designs. After a while we really got fed up with our two designs. But we still had to sell them. That was not very funny. I really like to design shirts and also do some marketing. But if you have put a lot of money in your business it becomes more and more serious and you think twice about everything. This could slow down your creativity process…

R: Your labels are just a little part of your work, what’s your project ?

MJ: My big project – oh my god, yesterday I thought about that – is: Become a good graphic designer. Start my own business. Not to work for bad commercial companies. Work with artists. Spread my designs. Be happy. Be good to people.

R: a last words to our readers ?

MJ: Really think about that: What goes around comes around.

Thank you so much Marius.

So now, you know what to do, go check the Fuck My Shirt website

/// frankie

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