Sheol Clothing, a feature, a ITW and a gift for readers

With Sheol Clothing, a label from Leeds, in the UK, this country proves us once again that tee label from there just rules. The brand is young and Les Conelly, the creator, just launched the webstore . But we should let Les Connelly tell us more about this adventure in the first Rawtee interview of all time 😉

Rawtee: So Les, could you introduce you & your brand ?

Les Connelly: My name’s Les Connelly and I’m the owner/designer of Sheol Clothing, an independant clothing line out of Leeds, UK.

R: Sheol ? what does it mean ?

LC: Sheol is an old religious term that I came across a few years ago, it basically means the place where we all go when we die. But it’s different from Heaven and Hell… it doesn’t matter if you’re ‘good’ or ‘bad’, we’re all on the same journey and we’re all going to the same destination. Not to say that you should be a dickhead because there’s no reckoning or anything, I think it’s bizarre that people need something like dogma to be a good person. Sheol fits really well with my idea of life and death and I just thought it was cool fucking word.
R: How would you describe Sheol shirt’s ?

LC: I would say that they’re simple and open to interpretation. I wanted to have strong designs and to do that you really need to keep the ideas simple. I like for them to have a bit of a duality about them too. It depends which way you’re reading in to them and what you want to get out of them but they can be both light and dark. At least I like to hope so haha.
R: where do you find your inspiration?

LC: Music is one of my biggest inspirations in life and that is very prominent in all the work I ever do. I can’t escape that and I really wouldn’t want to. I’m really in to art too, I’m currently coming to the end of studying for a degree in Contemporary Art at University. So I like to try use oblique references now and again to see if they will push me in a weird direction. Some artists that I’ve been looking at recently include; Monica Bonvicini, Phil Baines and Hipgnosis
R: how far do you want Sheol to go ?

LC: I just want to be able to continue doing this to be honest. By no means do I not have ambitions to say have a store and everything, but it’s far more important for me to keep the integrity of what my art means and how that translates through the clothing I design. I’d be perfectly happy doing this without taking profits.
R: a last words to our readers ?

LC: Just check out my site and keep an eye on the brand. I hope you get it.

R: Thanks you, Les.

Les send me some mockups (exclusive, just for us, and you, dear readers), from the collection, from the idea to the product, here we go:

So now we all should thanks Sheol Clothing coz’ now Les setup a 15% discount for us on the Sheol webstore. The code is: rawtee

/// frankie

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