BicWub – First Capsule

Have you ever heard of the “Australian Tiger” (half tiger, half bear) or the “Hand-Penguin” (half Penguin half hand O_o) ? No ? So the french brand BicWub (pronounced “B Cube”) will feed your culture. Let’em teach you everything about the animal species, especially the imaginary ones.You see they not take themself seriously

Based in Lyon (near the French Alpes), BicWub started as a webzine, and released a small tee capsule called composed with these 2 funny tee, the “Australian Tiger” and the “Hand-Penguin”. With their collage technique, the collection could grow endlessly, as much as their imagination work, and that’s a good news, BicWub brings fun into the tee industry.

Want one one theses tee shirts ? check the BicWub online shop, and hurry there’s only 100 printed of each…

/// frankie


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