SHhhh! A new UK clothing brand and art collective

SHhhh! is a collective created by Samuel Harrons -the SH from the collective name, got it?- But SHhhh! works as a collective and brings together 5 more artists, Adam Batchelor, Stephen Mellor, Matt Musk, Guy Jarrett & Liam Clark. SHhhh! wants to promote art, and they use the collective this way they launched “The 11 Artists Project” to help UK artists emerge and gain exposure. Samuel Harrons described the project this way:

“We commission an artist or artists every month to design a fresh collection of clothing, artwork and publications, resulting in a healthy mix of styles, messages and a unique injection of products every month.”

I trust this collective, the artists they choose to design this collection are great, and I love the way Samuel Harrons runs the brand.

/// frankie

PS: at the end watch the video explaining how Samuel created SHhhh!

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