Designerdrugs | “Name Calling Contest”

Do you remember Designerdrugs ? Yes ? So now use your brain coz’ Designerdrugs wants you to pick a new brand name. Just send your idea to The winner will be chosen on Nov. 20th, here’s the amazin’ prizes to win:

1) To enhance your upper half, you will get 10 Designerdrugs t-shirts of your choice.
2) To quench your music craving, a lifetime subscription to Grooveshark.
3) To give you plans for the weekend, two tickets to see Tandoori Knights (King Khan’s latest band w/ Bloodshot Bill) and Nobunny in Chicago on November 26th.
4) A truly special experience for a high class low life… A limo escorted pizza party with King Khan , Bloodshot Bill and Nobunny to Chicago’s famous Pequod’s Pizza. The event will be complete with ridiculous party hats, plenty of booze and other special activities to make this the pizza party of your wettest dreams. VICE photographer Todd Diederich will be on hand to document all the madness.

for complete details check this link

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