Coffee & Cigarettes Mixtape

When I first wrote about Coffee & Cigarettes I mention its music influence, and today brand’s creator Adam Reiss offers us free compilation of bands. Coffee & Cigarettes is a rock’n roll brand so I listened to the mixtape and Yeah It rocks !!! So you can streamed and downloaded (for free!) HERE for free. I really want you to know what Adam wrote to me

“I put the compilation together as a means to share with people the music that has inspired my brand–both in attitude, ethos,      and aesthetics. More importantly, I wanted to help smaller bands get more exposure. I don’t want my company to be just about selling shirts and making money. I want it to be a way of giving back to the art community in general–in this case that art is music.”

I once told you, the best synomym for Coffee & Cigarettes is INTEGRITY

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