Introducing Elshopo | The Crazy Collective

Before I started Rawtee, I wanted to create my own brand, I was looking for info about screenprinting technique this is how I found Elshopo, a crazy french collective addicted to screenprinting. Created by reated by Jérémie Cortial, Aurélien Darnaud and Julien Villaret, Elshopo started as a joke in art school, but many years after Elshopo is still here. They print on everything, tee shirts, posters, food, boxes, ass, dick… no limit. And the most interesting, everything is hand made even their D.I.Y screenprinting machines or their screenprinting guide. The collective is the meeting of a punk Andy Warhol, Monty Python on acid and the X generation. They also work on a cool videogame called Super Streaker Pro available on Iphone (now censored by Apple) and downloaded 1.2 million times.

So if you read this lines, you now know that Elshopo is a like father for Rawtee :)

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