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Sandra, Henriette, Astrid & Marie are Norwegian and they have a passion for graphic design. And we’re all know that the best way to feature graphic is printing it on tee shirt, King Patrick was born. I love the little story behind, hcecj this out:

“They say that behind every great man there’s a great woman, but in King Patrick’s case it’s four! Four girls from cold Norway, with a passion for graphic design, exploring the world and making t-shirts.

Our story started on a dark, stormy night, just like any good classic story begins. Then throw in a skipping rope, a random guy with the name Patrick and a whole bunch of fun. It all ended well of course, better than well actually. It ended with a t-shirt company and a fresh batch of King Patrick Tees. Made with love, mixed with some impulsiveness and the result? Happiness printed on t-shirts. Everything inspired and made for those life-loving careless people, who seeks having fun.
Best of all? It is one of those “To be continued” stories!”

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