Rawtee is 2 years old

I am grateful to you all, you the readers, you the brands I worked with, you made this blog! I have to thank you all!

And you know what? Today is Rawtee’s birthday! Rawtee is two years old! Congrats little baby blog :)

I started Rawtee april the 10th 2010, we are still here, and I hope for a long time.

A little sneak peak behind the scene? 2 years, more than 200 000 page views and 50 000 visitors.

I never thought Rawtee could be that succesful! Even if it’s not easy everyday, I sometimes miss time to write (and improve my english, *cough cough*) but Rawtee is my baby, and it’s nothing without you !!!

To Be Continued…


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