Rawtee is dead, long live Rawtee !

Rawtee started in 2010, 4 years after I’d like to focus on some other projects, especially on my videographer career (btw if you need one, check drublik.com) and Brut Made (see further) for this reason, I decide to place Rawtee in parentheses, so not really dead !!!

What’s Coming Next ?

I’m not done with writing about tee shirts because I will collaborate to another webzine, stay tuned
I’m crazy about tee shirts and screenprinting, this is why next year I hope to launch Brut Made, a brand dedicated to handcrafted apparel, accessories and goods. For more info check the Brut Made website here.

So, if you’re interested in these upcoming projects, please sign up to the rawtee’s newsletter and I will keep you updated.

I really want to thank each Rawtee’s reader, brand, designer, advertiser, each people who came here intentionally or not.
Thanks for the support and see you soon !!!

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