The Good Union | Hickory X


Do you remember the first collection by The Good Union or my latest post about their “Make Well tee ? For me, it was love at first sight with this vintage, home made aesthetic and the ethos of this one-man brand. The Good Union just released a brand new shirt called custom “Hickory X”. Each tee was individually hand stamped using 1940’s vintage [...]

Anti Anti | Stvrs


Anti Anti is a indie multi-lable workshop,  runs by Le Messie and Amanda Scully, who take care of each product, individually handmade in-house by the duo. Anti Anti consists of several handcrafted brands such as False, Better Off Dead, Fucked Up Fiends, Fallacy Of Rome, For King And Country and Satinism, but Le Messie and Amanda Scully are hyperactive, this is [...]

The Good Union | Make Well


The Good Union is back with “Make Well” an unusual mustard shirt. Keeping the vintage aesthetic, each tee was individually hand stamped using 1940’s vintage wood type blocks, making each piece unique in darkness of coloring & spacing. Coming in a awesome package, a drawstring burlap bag, “Make Well” is available at The Good Union online shop. For a limited time, the [...]

King Kang | New Collection


Since my previous post,  King Kang‘s range has well grown. Huge pockets are still key elements and come in more variety of styles. The collection have been enhanced and expanded to crewneck. Still hand sewned, the range is available here