Fun Time | German Riviera


It’s summer, and you want to go to Cannes or Nice. You want to go sailing at the Côte D’Azur and live the Dolce Vita. But you don’t have the money and have to stay at home. This is how Fun Time introduced their upcoming Spring/Summer collection titled “German Riviera”, founder Adrian Riemann keeps his ironic [...]

Shook | Spring / Summer 2014


Toronto based brand Shook released its Spring / Summer collection. Founder / designer Kai Kinos has calmed down quite a bit, the range is less provocative but more innovative and have more class, Shook goes upmarket. The brand is actually updating the website, but you can visit their facebook page here and check the new lookbook after the jump !!!

King Kang | New Collection


Since my previous post,  King Kang‘s range has well grown. Huge pockets are still key elements and come in more variety of styles. The collection have been enhanced and expanded to crewneck. Still hand sewned, the range is available here

Apadana | Babylon Gardens


I support APADANA since their very first collection, and I’m really happy to see this french brand growing. With a true identity and quality, APADANA show that making a mark on the international clothing scene is possible. The brand just released their Fall/Winter collection entitled “Babylon Gardens”, still mixing their Persian roots with the urban style, the range consists of sweatshirts, t-shirts, shirts and [...]

XCVB | Autumn 2013


How can I keep this post 3 weeks as draft, it’s unforgivable. Sheffield based brand XCVB released its Autumn collection, made of 8 new tee shirts, crewneck and beanies with different inspirations but keep its recognizable style. XCVB is regularly featured here, and there is no end in sight.