AndClothing / AND.ALSO | Summer 2014


Created in 2012, UK brand AndClothing (aka AND.ALSO) released a colorful summer collection. Their summer collection collection is  graphically crazy, sirens, fruits, dinosaurs, pink flamingos, pin-up, jungle appears in the collection, not the usual stuff. The range consists of tee shirts, pockets tees, crop tops, five panels and beanies and is available here

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Noway Apparel | Bold Collection


Milano based brand Noway Apparel is back with a new collection entitled “Bold”. I once wrote that each collection by Noway outperformed the previous one, “Bold” is no exception. 4 new tee shirts featuring some awesome minimal and geometric artworks, each one also available as tote bag, tee and tote are hand-printed and in limited edition. “Bold” is available [...]

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Thunder Apparel | Summer 2014


The indie brand Thunder Apparel is back with a new summer collection. It’s probably the biggest release from the London and Leeds brand, the range consists of classic tee shirts, tank top, baseball tees, shirts, hoodies and a dress for girl… or boy, who cares ? The full range is available here  

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Apadana | Spring/Summer 2014


Apadana unveiled their Spring/Summer collection, made of a jacket, 2 shirts, 5 graphic tees and 2 backpacks made of premium cotton poplins and twills. The french brand always cares about the quality, the reason why Apadana‘s pieces are limited and made locally in Paris. Apadana is becoming a must on the french scene, and the world opens the arms. The collection is available through the Apadana’s online store.

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Fun Time | German Riviera


It’s summer, and you want to go to Cannes or Nice. You want to go sailing at the Côte D’Azur and live the Dolce Vita. But you don’t have the money and have to stay at home. This is how Fun Time introduced their upcoming Spring/Summer collection titled “German Riviera”, founder Adrian Riemann keeps his ironic [...]

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