Phenüm | Spring / Summer 2014


Phenüm released the first part of their Spring / Summer range. From the beginning, the french brand supports artists using tee shirts as a medium to spread their art, for this collection Phenüm collaborates with Laguigui, Freak City, LL Cool Jo and Rchrdrch, and leave the lookbook in the hands of Marina Bk, only 17 yo but really talented, while DaFF took care [...]

Veni Vedi Vici | Spring/Summer 2014 – The Lookbook


Promises are made to be kept, last month I wrote about the Veni Vedi Vici‘s Spring / Summer Collection, at that time the lookbook wasn’t available, now it is. Veni Vedi Vici only produced a limited run of each tee shirts so you should visit their online shop here ASAP, but check the lookbook first

Simon & Me | New Lookbook


Last year, Simon & Me relaunched with a new concept, promote german craftsmanship and hand-crafted products. Minimal and clean, the Simon & Me range consists of a compass,  a basic t-shirt,  a gents comb, a copper bracelet and a  leather bag. If you’re in Berlin (lucky you are) be sure to visit their shop on Fidicinstraße, where Simon & Me not only carries their [...]

Veni Vedi Vici | Spring/Summer 2014


French brand Veni Vedi Vici is back with a massive new collection, inspired by tormented souls, be they poets, artists or unknown. Veni Vedi Vici is a brand focusing on art, and tee shirts is the perfect medium to take it to the streets. The lookbook is not yet available,  I will come back to that in another post, for the moment you can [...]

Introducing: Dirty London


It’s already the 4th collection by Dirty London, but the first one to be feature here. If I tell you  that Dirty London is a brand from UK, will you believe me ? Most seriouly, the brand’s tagline is “thought provoking streetwear” and even if some pieces are pretty NSFW, the collection is mainly elegant. The range [...]