Awesome vid from Simon & Me and Superiest


My thoughts about the brand Simon & Me is not a secret, I’m addicted. I was in Berlin a few weeks ago and  I was somewhat saddened because of their shop wasn’t open (it is on Saturdays from 12:00 to 18:00 o‘clock in fact). So happy to found this video on iGNANT,  directed by Sylvie Weber from Superiest, the [...]

Cult Of Des Dead Gospel by False


Runs by Le Messie & Amanda S, False is a real independent brand and a major inspiration for the Rawtee brand. Last week the terrific duo launched a new project entitled CULT OF des DEAD GOSPEL. Each month False will released a new individually numbered  limited edition of only 10 pieces and open a 48hr pre-order raffle, the brand will also release a more accessible edition for those [...]

False Reality Clothing | All In Good Time

Created by Nick Kramer, False Reality Clothing brings “All In Good Time”, a debut collection made of shirts and tank tops featuring twisted graphics.The New Jersey based brand creates an interesting artistic universe, just check the video at the end of the post ! “All in Good Time” is now available to be purchased in the False Reality eshop.

Introducing: Martian and Crisp

Martian & Crisp is a brand created in 2012 by KR and $TEFF aka “Chefs of Diamond”. Every tee shirts by M&S is crafted in Madrid, Spain and the first collection entitled “The mystery to be a sir so fu*King good” consists of 4 tee shirts in black and white chocolate, perfect !!! Each design [...]

Apadana | La Mode Est A Nous

French Brand Apadana is back with a winter collection entitled ‘La Mode Est A Nous’ (French for ‘The Fashion Is Ours’). Made of  2 crewnecks and a hoodie, this new collection continues to draw its inspiration from the persian culture and cinema (here La Haine by Matthieu Kassovitz). This unusual mix brings something new in [...]