Awesome vid from Simon & Me and Superiest


My thoughts about the brand Simon & Me is not a secret, I’m addicted. I was in Berlin a few weeks ago and  I was somewhat saddened because of their shop wasn’t open (it is on Saturdays from 12:00 to 18:00 o‘clock in fact). So happy to found this video on iGNANT,  directed by Sylvie Weber from Superiest, the [...]

Sheol Clothing, a feature, a ITW and a gift for readers

With Sheol Clothing, a label from Leeds, in the UK, this country proves us once again that tee label from there just rules. The brand is young and Les Conelly, the creator, just launched the webstore . But we should let Les Connelly tell us more about this adventure in the first Rawtee interview of [...]