Grafitee, Brut Made and news


After a long hiatus, it’s time for some news. I’m now working with a team on the well known blogzine Grafitee, and we’re about to relaunch it with a new concept, including a shop, which is already functionnal, a lot of good brand such as Gazmasta, The Good Union, Smiling Paris, Fight for your Roots, Crooked Head, Quipster, Never Tell Your Tailor, Gold

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Olow | Merry Christmas

Olow inaugurate it web online exclusives, a new section in their online shop launching each month a new tee only available on the website and limited to 30. They already launched the Playmoo and the Cyclone and here comes the Merry Christmas, with Santa looking like a hobo. Get them here !!!    

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Street Casuals | Shop Review

Today I’m happy to launch a new category called “Shop Review” and Street Casuals, a Bristol based based shop, is the first one to be featured. Founded in September 2010, the shop is constantly updated and presents a really interesting brand mix. The brand selection include Kr3w, Supreme Being, Actual Pain, Rockers NYC, HUF, The

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