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If you want to get reviewed or to advertise, please send us a message !

Get reviewed :

You are a small brand we didn’t hear about yet? Feel free to contact us and tell us about your shirts :)

You can send us  a presskit ( we won’t copy it, we are deeply attached to our own unique content! Presskits are good to capture the brand’s deep thoughts), images, or even a t-shirt if you feel so damn generous :)

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If you wanna run an ad on Rawtee, you deserve a huge thank-you!

This site could not be run without you. We need you, to pay the hosting, the domain name and continue our quest to promote high quality labels.

Traffic stats since Rawtee’s birth (04/10/2010)

  • 20000 pageviews/month
  • 6000 unique visitors/month
  • 45% of the visitors are coming from america, 40% from Europe and 15% from all over the world

Ad rates:

  • 20€ a month or 150 € a year for a 300 x 77px banner
  • 40€ a month or 200€ a year for a 300 x 300px banner
  • 70€ a month or 600€ a year for the banner 728 x 90px in the header